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About us
We have analyzed 400,000+ real estate transactions in the SF Bay Area to find the best performing real estate agents and generate cutting edge property estimates for over 400,000+ Bay Area homes. You can also use our inhouse partner agents to buy a home and get back 2% when you close on a home. We want to give you the choice.
We provide the services of a traditional real estate agent, with better data-driven tools, superb customer service and comprehensive property valuations. There is no cost to you.

Best performing real estate agents
We've analyzed agents who have a track record of buying homes for less than the average price to help you choose the right agent and who have a track record of selling homes for above the average, so you can choose the right agent. Our mission is to help you do your due diligence when you select a real estate agent. Here are some questions we can help you understand:

  • Do the agents have a pulse for the market?
  • Are they involved in a lot of transactions?
  • Are they saving their clients money?
  • Are they usually representing buyers or seller?
  • Are they working on a property type you are looking to buy or sell?
  • Are they operating at a price range that you are looking to transact in?

Do not overpay
The home you purchase will be your biggest expense. You want the right home at the right price. If you overpay by $50,000 that’s an extra $236 per month at current interest rates (April 2019) for the next 30 years. That is a lot of money. So do your homework and know that we are here to help. On the other hand, if you are looking to sell, you want to sell the home as quickly as possible and at the highest price. You would love to see buyers overbidding for your home. So you want an agent who is popular in your area and who has a pulse for the market to help you drive the highest value for your home.

Email us
If you have any questions email us at [email protected]